My 2019 PCT Hike

Hey guys!

This post is only, oh about, 6 months late, lol. But let’s not dwell, as we get straight into my 2019 PCT Hike. This year my momma, who I will lovingly refer to as Momma Hiker, and I did 60 miles! We started at Panther Creek Campground in Washington and went up to Trout Lake.

We planned to do 100 miles this time, but about 5 miles up a ginormous mountain after leaving Trout Lake, Momma Hiker tweeked her knee. Thankfully we were only five miles in and very close to town, so it all worked out. (HUGE shoutout to Doug in Trout Lake for being the absolute best Trail Angel ever, and giving us a ride to White Pass to get my car).

Anyways, despite having to finish early, this backpacking trip was so much fun. It rained, which was actually not as bad as one would think, though to be fair it was not pouring, and yes I was still terrified of getting hypothermia and dying, haha. I saw a bear literally one mile into the trip, and surprisingly was not terrified, only in sheer awe. It was amazing. Momma Hiker and I met so many amazing and kind people.

We went through burn areas, which was both devastatingly beautiful, and hopeful when one could see the flowers and trees beginning to form life again. I got a minimum of 28 mosquito bites, which made my face swell up like a puffer fish. And we had many laughs, moments of frustration (with ourselves and each other), and loved every single minute of it.

Overall, we were both more experienced for our second trip, and more prepared, so it made for smoother sailing. Both of us cannot wait to get back out there, and hopefully another big trip will soon be planned.

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