Book Review: “Miss Belief” by Aubrey Bondurant

Hello friends! Today we are going to be reviewing Aubrey Bondurant’s newest release Miss Belief. This is the third book in the Miss Series and I have to say it is my absolute favorite so far.

So as always here is my NO SPOILERS review:

Miss Belief follows the story of Tegan and Reed. Working at a company in Dubai, Tegan is a young woman doing everything she can to help her sister pay for her nieces cancer treatment. Unfortunately for her this means working a second job as a stripper at a club…which is illegal in Dubai. Her regular job is being the assistant to Reed Maxwell the man who she has been crushing on for a year, who just broke up with his fiancé, Vanessa. Reed, lost after his ended engagement, struggles until Tegan puts him in his place telling him to get his act together. Reed then asks Tegan to fake being his girlfriend to a wedding where his ex will be, in hopes that his and Vanessa’s families will stop pressuring him to get back together because they’ll see he has a new girlfriend. This book was hilarious. From the get-go I was able to relate to Tegan. She’s hard-hearted and acts tough on the outside to avoid letting her guard down. Despite having a huge crush on Reed, Tegan agrees to be his fake girlfriend knowing she’ll either get over her crush or fall in love. Clearly we all know its the latter haha. This book is filled with humor, as Tegan and Reed have such a natural and fun banter. Overall I loved this story and Reed and Tegan were so cute together.

Okay now my review WITH SPOLIERS:

Dang. I gotta say this book was definitely a hit for me. Not only did I immediately connect to Tegan, but I just loved the way she pushed Reed out of his comfort zone. And not only that but she gave him the nudge he needed to just be himself, which was something he struggled with in his relationship with Vanessa. Like how she played video games with him and got him to touch her butt at the wedding. It was the little things like that that made them so endearing as a couple, and tied the story together with the small details. I also really loved that we got too see more of Chance and Reed’s relationship in this book, because I secretly love Chance and am VERY excited to read his book (apparently coming in February. YAY.)

One of my favorite scenes was where Tegan and Reed were practicing kissing and Tegan practically sprinted out of the apartment. It was just so funny that she got so nervous and then came back the next day to work like it was no big deal. Her character reminds me of myself in so many way it’s comical. Bondurant did an amazing job at the end by tying up Reed and Chances feud and allowing Chance to have some redemption and apologize to both Reed and Tegan for his actions. It also left the perfect opening for Chance and Tory’s story. Overall I loved this book. The dialogue was so good, the ending was perfect, and I loved how Reed and Tegan were able to move to Sydney and begin their next chapter together.

My Likes and Dislikes: I liked pretty much everything about this book. I just really like this series. It’s super cohesive and has a lot of humor while also exploring more serious topics. Its perfectly balanced in my opinion.

Favorite Character: Tegan of course, though Chance is a close second. I just love her character. She tries so hard not to be vulnerable and to put on a brave face. I relate to that. And I love that with Reed she’s able to break down her guard and truly be herself. And she brings that out in him too. She pushes him and she does everything she can to protect and help the people she loves. She’s just very down to earth and relatable.

Favorite Quote: “As the plane flew toward LA, I did what I’d done my entire life. I internalized it all. Beat myself up about letting my guard down, and for believing for one minute my infatuation could become a real-life-relationship. My eyes burned with hot tears.

Stupid girl.

Served me right for getting my hopes up and starting to believe there could be such a thing as a happy ending. And hell, maybe there was, but not for a girl like me. I’d made my choices. I owned them. And if people wanted to judge me for the, then they could fuck right off.”

Aubrey Bondurant, Miss Belief, pg. 211

Would I Read It Again? Um I might reread it right now after remembering how much I love it. Lol.

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